Aloïs Micard

Software developer passionate about architecture & security


Software developer passionate by architecture & security. When building something I like to seek for the best performances.

Work Experience

Full stack developer

eBrand Services | Oct 2020 - Present

Design, implement & maintain brand protection related products.

Debian Maintainer

Debian | Aug 2020 - Present

Member of the go-team, I help package applications on Debian.

Sponsored maintainer

Debian | Nov 2019 - Aug 2020

Member of the go-team, I help package applications on Debian.

Java EE developer

EuroDNS | Sep 2017 - Oct 2020

First work with other developers.

  • Refactoring of legacy Spring monolithic codebase into JEE micro services architecture.
  • Maintenance of legacy codebase, ensuring quality with unit testing.
  • Development of a Go tool to keep track of micro services dependencies (i.e knowing which service depends on which service).
  • Integrate various tools to enable CI/CD.

C++ Desktop developer

Plastinnov | Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

Internship for a PFT named Plastinnov. Development of a C++ Qt5 desktop application to help students simulate newtonian fluid behavior.

  • Analyze proprietary file format to generate the same data.
  • Understand simple concepts of fluid mechanics.

C++ Desktop developer

Fluviatech | May 2016 - Jun 2016

Internship for a company named Fluviatech. The mission was to write a OpenCPN plugin to allow configuration of an AIS directly within OpenCPN.

  • Development of a OpenCPN plugin to launch the setter.
  • Development of a C++ Qt5 desktop application (setter) to interact with an AIS.
  • Writing of an AIS simulator, to simulate AIS navigation data (NMEA 0183 protocol) and ease development workflow.

C++ System developer

Pyrosoftware | Apr 2016 - Present

Freelance work for an EI company named Pyrosoftware. The mission is to write a GUI application (C++ Qt5) to interface with a homemade firing table.

  • Writing RS-232 based protocol to allow interaction between the table and the operator computer.
  • Help making the firing table (PCB design, soldering).


Trandoshan Crawler

Open Source

Fast, highly configurable, distributed dark web crawler designed to run on the cloud.

Random Wallpapers

Closed Source

Wallpaper changing Android application.


License & Certifications

  • 2020 · Fire marshal (PIL S.A)
  • 2020 · Red Cross rescuer


Hacking, Trekking & Camping, Reading books, Video games, Urbex, Brewing